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If you want beautiful and unique artwork, and you have a passion for florals, you are in the right spot. I believe the floral pattern is always evolving and changing while still remaining timeless. That is what I love about it! My business began with an infatuation with patterns, flowers, color crushes, paintings and doodles. I use this inspiration to build surface designs for everything, including fabric, stationery, wall art, home decor and fashion. I do this by starting with hand drawn and hand painted artwork and delivering a finished product that is digital and can be edited to fit your needs and application.

I stumbled upon surface design after deciding to teach myself Adobe Illustrator. I found a way to marry my passion for painting with my new digital skills. Now, when I’m out exploring the beautiful state of Wyoming I am inspired by the flowers, people and colors around me and I can’t wait to create a pattern to reflect my experiences.

My desire has always been to bring cheer to others. I hope that by putting my flowers on your products you can feel the same joy I feel as I create the patterns. I help people find more joy in the everyday and I think it’s the simple things in life that bring us the most pleasure. I want everyone to hold in their hand something as unique an beautiful as they are.

It’s a competitive market and you need something special to set yourself apart from the rest. Sometimes seeing a pattern you love can spark enough joy and inspiration to create the space you want, the life you love or maybe just the art that makes your soul soar.

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