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Professional Development Grant

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This year I was so thrilled to receive the Wyoming Arts Councils Professional Development Grant. This grant has opened so many doors for my business, I'm amazed at the snowball effect of it all. The impact of this grant is more than just the money amount they gave me. They have given me opportunity that I otherwise couldn't have. I cannot afford to get a masters degree in business. I don't want to move away from Wyoming to find meaningful work. I don't want to give up my dream of being an artist . So, I decided to create something of my own, to start my own business and do exactly what I wanted right here in Wyoming. I got 3 months of quality mindset and marketing coaching that is arguably more valuable than going to business school in terms of content. I learned a lot about myself, how to marketing my business and how to stay resilient during the process of starting a business and being a business owner.

I was able to work with Katie at Crowheart Creative for 3 months on mindset and marketing for my art based business. Katie has helped me take leaps that I never would have without her encouraging words. She has a fantastic way of making you realize that the thing that seems so scary and impossible is really....not. It's just a story your telling yourself and if you want to move past that fear you have to do the work. After every session with Katie I felt motivated, I felt freed from my fear, I felt like I had permission to do my work and to fail and stumble and to succeed and rise above. And when I called Katie and told her I hadn't done anything on my list for the week and I felt like I wasn't good enough for this work she didn't feel sorry for me or tell me it was going to be ok. She helped me find the truth. That I am good enough and that I deserve everything I want. That there is no factual information to back up my belief that I'm not good enough. There is though, factual information to back up the idea that my work is good and I am good enough. 


Audie Cunningham