Professional Development Grant by Audie Cunningham

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This year I was so thrilled to receive the Wyoming Arts Councils Professional Development Grant. This grant has opened so many doors for my business, I'm amazed at the snowball effect of it all. The impact of this grant is more than just the money amount they gave me. They have given me opportunity that I otherwise couldn't have. I cannot afford to get a masters degree in business. I don't want to move away from Wyoming to find meaningful work. I don't want to give up my dream of being an artist . So, I decided to create something of my own, to start my own business and do exactly what I wanted right here in Wyoming. I got 3 months of quality mindset and marketing coaching that is arguably more valuable than going to business school in terms of content. I learned a lot about myself, how to marketing my business and how to stay resilient during the process of starting a business and being a business owner.

I was able to work with Katie at Crowheart Creative for 3 months on mindset and marketing for my art based business. Katie has helped me take leaps that I never would have without her encouraging words. She has a fantastic way of making you realize that the thing that seems so scary and impossible is really....not. It's just a story your telling yourself and if you want to move past that fear you have to do the work. After every session with Katie I felt motivated, I felt freed from my fear, I felt like I had permission to do my work and to fail and stumble and to succeed and rise above. And when I called Katie and told her I hadn't done anything on my list for the week and I felt like I wasn't good enough for this work she didn't feel sorry for me or tell me it was going to be ok. She helped me find the truth. That I am good enough and that I deserve everything I want. That there is no factual information to back up my belief that I'm not good enough. There is though, factual information to back up the idea that my work is good and I am good enough. 


Journals are here! by Audie Cunningham

Hip Rose Journals are now available in my online shop! Thanks to Louisa Hunkerstorm for the journal name, I loved Hip Rose! I am constantly running out of descriptive names for all my floral designs. There's only so many ways to say "flower pattern" and not get them all mixed up. Do you have a name suggestions? Send it my way! 

These journals are my favorite because they are small enough to fit in my purse and take with me everywhere but also no so small that it's annoying to write in. The journal features a new surface pattern design with hand illustrated roses and watercolor leaves and buds. The inside cover of the journals has a watercolor pattern that I think accents the rose pattern really well. The cover is glossy, which I don't usually go for, but I love with this journal and particular pattern. Tell me what you think of them! Check them out in the shop

FREE desktop wallpaper! by Audie Cunningham


Dress up your screen!

Hello friends,

I've been working on some new stuff that I want to share with you! I'm giving you some free computer desktop wallpaper to dress up your computer screen. It features a surface pattern design that will soon be available on wrapping paper in my online shop! Stay tuned for it's arrival. Until then, enjoy some flowers from me. Happy Easter, happy spring and happy weekend!

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Why patterns? by Audie Cunningham


It's sometimes hard to explain to people exactly what it is that I do and why I love it. The simple answer is that I create digital images that can be used for commercial applications. Boring right? Surface design is essentially creating imagery that can be placed on a manufactured product to make it aesthetically pleasing. Once you get it you will start seeing it every where! I like surface design because it was the perfect marriage of my love for fine art and my desire to work digitally. I enjoy the manipulation process of digital work and being able to change a piece of art into something completely different than what you began with using digital tools. I also enjoy painting and the colors that come from gouache and watercolor in a natural and more organic way than you traditionally get with digital art. Thus began a deep seeded obsession with surface pattern design. I'm so blessed to have found something that I truly love to do everyday. I wake up with ideas for new patterns and illustrations and I can spend hours working on a surface design without even realizing how much time has passed. I get inspiration often and I feel like I will never have enough time to do all of the things I want to do. In other words, surface design lights my fire EVERY DAMN DAY.

I am so happy that I am able to share this love and passion with you. Sharing my artwork hasn't always come easy. The only way it gets better is to just keep doing it. It's being vulnerable and taking risks over and over and over to make that fear subside. I won't say it goes away, but it definitely gets easier. 

These two things are the best part of being an artist. Finding a niche that works for your skills and interests and lights your fire everyday and the ability to be vulnerable and share it with the world. What lights your fire and what are you doing to share it with the world?

Instagram Winner! by Audie Cunningham


Good morning! If you didn't know I was having a little giveaway contest over on Instagram and today I announced the winner. Congratulations to Jenessa for winning 4 free sheets of my paper! The best part of this contest was getting to connect with new people and see my tribe come out to participate and share the love. I feel so much gratitude for everyone over on Instagram and truly couldn't do what I love without you. You all inspire me to do great things and to keep chasing this dream, to keep creating surface designs, to keep making art, to keep looking for art licensing deals and to keep doing what I love every day. Happy Sunday to you all! If you haven't checked out the online shop you can do so here.

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Logo Contest! by Audie Cunningham

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Logo Contest!

This one is my fav

Hello friends! What a week it's been. It's spring one day and winter the next. I'm feeling amazing one day and sick the next. It's all good though because fun things are happening over here. I entered the Wyoming Community Foundations Challenge for Charities Logo Contest. Each year the town of Lander, Wy blows ups (literally and figuratively) on the 4th of July. A long time tradition on this day is the Challenge for Charities Half Marathon and 5K. I've ran the half marathon twice and the 5K once. They are great races that raise money for local charitable organizations. The library I work at has benefitted from this fund in amazing ways. We are able to better serve our community and offer vital resources because of the Challenge for Charity Fund. Anyways, this year I decided to enter the logo contest for the race t-shirts. I thought maybe if my art was on the t-shirt I might be more motivated to run again this year. Logos aren't really in my repertoire but I had so much fun making them that I entered 3, which was the max entries. All 3 of my logos are currently out for public voting along side one really awesome buffalo logo from another talented artist. I'd love your support in this contest and if you feel so inclined to vote you can do so here.


Wrapping Paper is here! by Audie Cunningham

I'm so excited to announce that I have new wrapping paper patterns out! I've been working on some new illustrated floral patterns in bright and colorful repeats. I have two different patterns available and each is in two different color ways. AND this wrapping paper will soon be available for purchase at hello...the House here in Lander, Wy. I love hello...the House and they have such great gifts and home decor. I think it will be the perfect place to sell Audie Rose Design wrapping paper. If you haven't been to hello...the House stop in, they have lots of new stuff!


Welcome to the studio! by Audie Cunningham

Hello and welcome to the Audie Rose Design studio! It's January in Wyoming which means LOTS of time to spend inside creating. I've been working on a lot of new floral patterns as well as some floral illustrations. My favorite medium at the moment is watercolors, but sometimes I prefer just a pen and paper or pencil and paper. My most recent work was created from pencil and paper. You don't have to have fancy art supplies to make something really great. Often my favorite work comes from session in the studio where I'm just doodling while I wait for files to upload. I've posted these new patterns and illustrations in my project files. If you haven't seen them yet head on over and see what's new!