Audie Rose Design
Surface Designs and Patterns

About my work



I’m a firm believer that the floral pattern will always be on trend. Audie Rose Design began with an innocent infatuation with patterns, flowers, color crushes, paintings and doodles. It has evolved into a growing stationery brand and surface design studio in Lander, Wy.  

I happily stumbled upon the surface design community when I decided to self-learn Adobe Illustrator. Through online tutorials and classes I found a beautiful way to marry my love for painting and my new-found interest in digital design. What has followed is a furious need to create both paintings and patterns for my own stationery and for manufactures. 

My work has a firm base in painting; including gouache, watercolor and acrylic. I use hand painted and hand drawn techniques to ensures that every finished piece is unique, artful and organic. Each design also has the flexibility to be used in a multitude of applications and markets including; home goods, stationery, wall art and clothing. 

My desire has always been to bring cheer to others and to let you hold in your hand, something as beautiful and unique as you are. I am still constantly inspired by color, nature, vintage imagery, beautiful textiles and the colors and landscapes of the southwest. I’ve always been quietly in love with and inspired by artists like Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe.  

I love the endless possibilities of surface design and if you want to explore what’s possible, please reach out. It’s best to contact me here.