Audie Rose Design
Surface Designs and Patterns



Surface design is all about trends and beautiful artwork

Help your brand stay fresh with both. Contact me to talk more!

Surface design is all about trends and beautiful designs that create value for your brand and your product. I want to help you with both! I create vintage inspired, hand painted floral artwork based on forward thinking trends, but always with my own unique spin. You get unique original artwork, and you get a design that’s going to keep your brand in the eyes of your target customers.

Art Licensing and Sales

You need original artwork to help grow your brand and help your product sell in today’s competitive market. I’m here to help! I create repeating patterns and I digitize my illustration and painting work to make it easy to use in multiple applications. I specialize in vintage inspired, cheerful, colorful botanical and floral artwork for the home decor and stationery industries. Audie Rose Design patterns are also great for gifts, apparel, fabrics and so much more. Please fill out the request form below if you would like to view a more extensive portfolio of work. Head over to the contact page to start a conversation.